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Want to shine as a marketing guru? Shine light on the dark prices of marketing services.

There's no need to break a sweat trying to figure out what to include in your marketing proposal or how much to charge for services. We've got the solution: the Social Media Marketing Proposal Template. This comprehensive and detailed proposal has got you covered! Not only that, but with our service prices and packages included, you'll no longer be in the dark on the prices of your marketing services.

Get your hands on the Social Media Marketing Proposal Template to stand out amongst other marketers. Your skills and talent can be recognized as the social media marketing guru you know you are. Get in on the ultimate in-depth proposal, and shine!

Make the ultimate move, download our Social Media Marketing Proposal Template today, and start a brighter future for your marketing career!


You'll receive an instant PDF Download and we'll email you a link to access the Canva Template for easy customization, after purchase. 


If you don't have Canva Pro, we'll include a FREE 30-day pro trial in your email, so you can update your template at no additional cost to you! PRO TIP: It's worth it!

Canva Pack: The Ultimate Marketing Proposal Template for Social Media Managers

Excluding Sales Tax
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